2012 Watershed Study

A watershed study was completed in the Fourmile Creek watershed in 2012 and 2013. The study was completed in order to engage the public in watershed management for Fourmile Creek to address water quantity and quality issues; develop new hydrologic and hydraulic models for existing and future conditions; and prepare alternatives for flood reduction, water quality improvements, and watershed management.

The project had several tasks, including for example:

  • Initial Public Meetings to gather information, concerns, and opportunities.
  • Information gathering and base mapping in GIS.
  • Develop a hydrologic model of the watershed to estimate peak discharges
  • Develop a hydraulic model to estimate water surface elevations, complementing previous efforts
  • Develop updated inundation maps
  • Use future land use plans and model the hydrology
  • Evaluate stormwater management alternatives
  • Have Public Meetings to share study findings
  • Recommend stormwater management strategies

Study Area Map

Below are the documents included in the Final Report

Executive Summary

Final Report


Thematic Maps

2010 Inundation Maps

2030 Inundation Maps