Work is underway to create a greenway that will run along the lower half of Fourmile Creek, starting at the Des Moines River and ending just South of Interstate 80. This greenway will serve as a corridor of undeveloped land that is set aside for environmental protection and recreational use.

The greenway boundaries will reflect those of the 500 year flood plain set by FEMA. Traditionally, houses and buildings have been built within these flood plains. This creates potentially hazardous conditions for the residents and businesses due to their increased risk of flooding. Greenways allow recreational use of these high flood risk areas without putting residential and commercial infrastructure in jeopardy.


There will be endless recreational opportunities throughout this greenway. Stream access points may be created in order to allow individuals to get down to the stream to play and fish. Current playgrounds and parks along Fourmile Creek will remain and more may be developed. A trail will also exist along the entirety of the greenway creating walking and biking opportunities.

Water quality is an important environmental factor that will benefit from the future greenway. Since infrastructure will be located further away from the stream, pollutants from traveling along the surface will have a harder time reaching the creek. Strategic wetlands and other conservation practices will also be placed throughout the greenway in order to treat the water before it reached Fourmile Creek.

Animals also benefit from greenways, especially in highly urbanized areas. Most wildlife such as birds, mammals, and aquatic species require corridors of green space in order to survive. The Fourmile Greenway will create a safe place for animals to travel from place to place and find food sources.

A Lower Fourmile Greenway Master Plan has been completed and showcases the potential aspects of this greenway and the area it will cover. Please visit the link below to view this plan.

Lower Fourmile Creek Greenway Master Plan